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The annual audit of books meeting of the Town of Tompkins Town Board was not held due to timing of getting all bills for 2022. The audit for 2022 be held during the regular meeting to be held February 14, 2023

On motion by Albanese, seconded by Buttel
Vote: All in favor: Motion Carried



  1. William Layton – Supervisor
  2. Brian Albanese – Councilperson
  3. Howard Buttel – Councilperson   
  4. Peggy Backus – Councilperson
  5. Tim LaTourette – Councilperson



  1. Michelle Phoenix – Town Clerk
  2. Nancy Roberts – Bookkeeper
  3. Josh LaTourette – Highway Employee
  4. Tim Oralls – Highway Employee

Date: January 10, 2023
Michelle Phoenix
Town of Tompkins Town Clerk

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