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NY 206 between Bridge St and Co Rd 27

NY 206 and Bridge St, Trout Creek, NY

Islands in the Stream - Town Stone Piles

Lake Front Property - Town Hall Country Club

Fording the Flood

Tranquil Abiding

The 124th Annual Delaware County Fair has come to a close.

124 Years

Please click here for a slide show of the entire set. I know that we’ve missed people who were there from our town. It was not intentional. We wanted to celebrate our community and all that we do to make it a better place to live.

A Set of Photos from Aug 6, 2010

Click Here to view a slide-show of the entire set.

A Set of Images from July 31 to Aug 9, 2010

Click HERE to view a slide-show of the entire set.

click on these pictures for an expanded view

On Bridge Street in the school yard in front of the old “lock-up” is a newly refurbished swing set, a newly installed blue stone patio, and newly constructed, covered picnic table.  This was completed by Jeremy Johnson in partial fulfillment of  requirements for the rank of Eagle Scout.  Thanks, Jeremy, to you and your family, friends,  fellow scouts and their families.  Bring the kids over and have some fun.

Dedicated to the memory of Karin C. Johnson (January 23, 1962 – April 15, 2010).

Spiffy New Sign at Town Hall

Spiffy New Sign at Town Hall