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Welcome Town of Tompkins Residents and Our Nearby Neighbors.

The Town Council and Planning Board want to keep you up-to-date by posting minutes and inviting your comments.

We look forward to your take on events here and around the Town.


  1. Does the town of Tompkins honor the veterans tax exemptions? My wife and I are going to both retire from military soon. My wife has served 21 years and I 20. Were looking at Tompkins as a peaceful retirement town.

    • Hello Mr. Ladd. Let me suggest that you call our Town Tax Assessor Joyce Otten at (607)467-5093. Thanks for your inquiry.

  2. The following distant relatives are buried in or around Tompkins, and I was hoping to get some photos or more info about the following individuals who were pioneers in Delaware County.. Thanks in advance!

    Airport Cemetery, Airport Road

    WOOD, Benjamin 75y November 29, 1873
    WOOD, Elsie 78y April 9, 1873 Wife of Benjamin
    WOOD, George William 6y April 4, 1840 Son of Benjamin & Elsie
    WOOD, Lewis 16y July 22, 1836 Son of Benjamin & Elsie

  3. Hi Mike, Are you Mike from Sidney? Maybe I know A guy on Sands Creek that can help you. His name is Paul Bartholomew.

    • Mr. Layton,
      We invite you as a municipal official to the “Extreme Weather, Climate Change, Mitigation And Adaptation” action-oriented conference at Kopernik Observatory & Science Center. It will be held on Friday, September 13, 2013, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
      Kopernik Observatory. Attending this conference will help you respond quickly, effectively, and constructively to the increasingly frequent extreme weather events we have been experiencing in our region, thus reducing the cost to homes, roads, property, and human life. Please register yourself or a representative for this important conference – your constituents are counting on you.
      For more information: You may register at: .Call at hoe or work for any questions.

      Nicholas M. Guydosh, Ph.D.
      Science Educator & NASA Earth Ambassador
      Kopernik Observatory & Science Center
      698 Underwood Road, Vestal, NY 13850
      Phone: 607-748-3685, ext 314 / 607-625-2439 (home)

  4. I recall a place known as “The Lookout Farm” which was located somewhere above the old Griffin Farm. Ron VanValkenburg should be familiar with the place. Can anyone shed light on why iit was called The Lookout Farm and any of the history on the place? I once saw a photo of some guys with long beards that were credited wiith having constructed a portion of it. It looked as though it was built in the mid to late 1800’s.

    • Hi Jerry- If you get the book that Perry Shelton put out in 1983, it will tell you everything you want to know. It is called Recollections, The Town Of Tompkins. Hope this helps you.

    • Everett C. Rhinebeck Sr
    • Posted November 12, 2013 at 6:28 am
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    As a life time resident of the town of Tompkins, I do not understand why there should be questions regarding the town
    paying the Hancock Fire Department to provide fire protection for Kelsey, and the Apex area.. This has been a long standing practice initiated by the Town Board because they understood the response time. Had the City stayed in the
    city things would probably changed for the best by now. Cannonsville would have been the center for the Town o TOMPKINS instead of splitting the TOWN in two parts.
    As a former member of the town council, Planning board chairman, and member of the comprehensive plan
    committee I urge every one wh0 has a vote to think long and hard before changing the protection for this section of
    the town.
    I would also suggest that the board work to bring representation to our side of the hill.

    Everett C Rhinebeck Sr

  5. It has recently come to my families attention that a terrorist and murder plot against African American Muslims in the Town of Tompkins was thwarted. We were not contacted by law enforcement or any civil servants. we were notified by neighbors of murder assassination and dismemberment threats.

    we would like to be notified of what step are being taken by town administration to ensure safety.

    • On July 23 I responded to you directly, Abdul. I wrote to you that I’d contacted Bill Layton, the Town Supervisor. He told me he had read an article in the Walton Reporter that might be related to your comment (, but otherwise he had not been contacted through any official channels about this thwarted attempt or any other recent matter related to your community. He said he would investigate.

      I discovered the following Reuters article (, but, like Bill, I’m not sure if this is the threat to which you were referring.

      Craig S. DuMond, Undersheriff, DELAWARE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE, sent this response to you and Bill Layton among others on the morning of July 23:

      “Dear Mr. or Ms. Kutbah – As you are probably aware, the New York State Police and Federal Bureau of Investigation have been working with members of your community regarding your security concerns. We at the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office have assisted them in this endeavor and will continue to address any future concerns that may become apparent.
      Safety of our County and all communities within is always our #1 priority. Very Respectfully, Craig DuMond”

      I want to repeat here what I wrote to you on the 23rd: As a resident of the Town of Tompkins, as a Buddhist and as a human being, I’m very sorry to hear about this. I am alarmed and find this expression of vicious hatred totally unacceptable.

  6. Good Morning, Can anyone tell me if road work is being done on FIsh brook & Tower Lane. They placed dirt on top of our dirt road and left. Can you tell me if this is going to be repaird with tar and chip or asphalt. Thank you

    • Hello Karen, Our Highway Superintendent, Ron Van Valkenburg, said that the Town is waiting to hear from the State of New York as to whether and when they are going to release funds for our road projects. (Under “usual” circumstances we would have that information by now.) The plan is to pave Tower Lane and parts of Fish Brook with 2 inches of pugmill.
      I’m [cfs-stven] not the one who would usually answer these questions, but I’m glad I could get you this information, as limited as it is. The phone number for the Town Highway Garage is 607-865-4979. The best time to catch Ron is early morning.

  7. We are considering installing a 2 car garage on our property 1029 dry brook road. Please advise of procedure to do this. Thank you.

    • Hello Jim, Please contact Nate Sramek, Town of Tompkins Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer at (607) 865-8341.

  8. I do not see a number for the clerk or a email address . Our dog lost his tag and we need a replacement. Please let me know how to do that
    Pete and Jane Gotthardt
    1122 Kerryville Rd
    Hancock, NY 13783 t
    Thank you

    • Hello, Pete. At please check-out the tab “Elected & Appointed Officials”. Phone numbers for both the town clerk (Michelle Phoenix) and the dog control officer (Chris Bodo) can be found there. Michelle’s email address:

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