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Monthly Archives: April 2010

On Bridge Street in the school yard in front of the old “lock-up” is a newly refurbished swing set, a newly installed blue stone patio, and newly constructed, covered picnic table.  This was completed by Jeremy Johnson in partial fulfillment of  requirements for the rank of Eagle Scout.  Thanks, Jeremy, to you and your family, friends,  fellow scouts and their families.  Bring the kids over and have some fun.

Dedicated to the memory of Karin C. Johnson (January 23, 1962 – April 15, 2010).

Call to Order: The regular monthly meeting of the Town of Tompkins Town Board was called to order at 7:00 pm in the Town meeting room, Trout Creek, NY.

1. William Layton-Supervisor
2. Carl Stuendel-Councilperson
3. Peggy Backus-Councilperson
4. Howard Buttel-Councilperson
5. Timothy LaTourette-Councilperson

1. Ronald VanValkenburg-Hwy Superintendent
2. Nancy Roberts
3. Gail Crane, Deputy Town Clerk
4. Brenda Thurston, Dog Control Officer

Pledge to the flag was led by Carl Stuendel.

Minutes Approval: On motion by Carl Stuendel seconded by Howard Buttel, it was moved to approve the minutes of the March 8, 2010 meeting as each member had received a copy.
Vote: All AYEs – Motion Carried.

Monthly Financial Reports: On motion by Howard Buttel seconded by Carl Stuendel, it was moved to receive, approve and place on file the Supervisor’s and the Town Clerks monthly reports.
Vote: All AYEs – Motion carried.

Reports – Dog Control Officer, Brenda Thurston
Brenda reported that her calculations indicate that expenses are greater than income at this point by approximately $1300. Brenda suggests the Board re-consider a suggestion made by her a few months ago of adding an enumeration fee of $1.00 to $5.00 on each dog license sold to help offset/re-coop the expenses. Town Board agreed they had debated this issue a few months ago. It was decided to leave license fees as they are without any added on enumeration fee.

Brenda indicated some additional clerical assistance from the Town Clerks office would be beneficial in sending out letters to dog owners regarding status of licenses. Letters have been developed and are awaiting Sandy Gardepes return from sick leave.

There have been several complaints of dogs creating nuisances and defecating on ballfield. The current law is vague regarding licensed dogs and free range. The current law does indicate action can be taken when nuisance or defecating is becoming a problem and tickets can be issued. The real problem is that owners are not being responsible. Ticketing dogs will require support of the courts and the Justice. Board suggests a warning be issued to dog owners and if the problem continues than to give ticket.

The Board commended Brenda on doing an excellent job and her efforts with the Dog Control issues.

Reports- Highway Superintendent, Ron VanValkenburg
1. PRC (prevailing rate case) number – Town is now required to have one before other companies can do work for the town.
2. Repairs on equipment –
a. Sam’s – Milton Cat.
b. Scott’s – Stadium fixed part of the issue.
c. Grader – fixed brakes and hydraulic pressure
d. Broom – thermostat made air take tube longer
e. John & Brian’s Internationals – put new bearing seals in power dividers
f. Changed gear oil in rears on 3 trucks. 1 truck new bearings in drive line.
g. All trucks – switched out winter tires for summer tires.
h. Press that was in the fire is now back in service
i. 2004 Chevy had rear brake job
3. Took the 930 Loader to gravel bank in Afton and hauled gravel to Highway storage yard.
4. Hauled Grit (1484 yards) from New Berlin to Highway storage yard
5. Brooming roads – all done except for Tower Mountain, Sands Creek area, and Chase Brook
6. Need to get bid for crushing gravel in the paper – On motion by Tim LaTourette, seconded by Howard Buttel, it was moved to place bid notice in paper.
7. Cutting and chipping brush on South Dry Brook. Did receive a complaint today by landowner on So. Dry Brook indicating 2 trees (50 years old in landowner’s estimation) were removed and she may want re-imbursement for replanting costs. Ron will investigate to assure the trees were within the 25 foot right away and get back to Board and Landowner.
8. Cold patching – continuing with more scheduled for next week.

Reports- Planning Board, James Fox
No report received this month

Reports- Supervisor, Bill Layton
a. Bids – crushed limestone – received two bids – one from Cobleskill and the other from Carver. Prices per ton
Description                              Carver               Cobleskill
Screenings (stone dust)                                        16.15
1A                                               18.10                  18.15
1B                                               16.10                  16.15
1s t                                             16.10                  16.15
1&2 blended                               16.10                  16.15
#2                                               16.10                  16.15
On motion by Howard Buttel seconded by Tim LaTourette, it was moved, with contingent on the stone being clean, to accept the bids from both bidders.
Vote: All AYEs – Motion Carried
b. Stadium bill – lawyer status – After further negotiation, the invoice is now $3880 which is significant decrease from the last invoice of $4770. (The original invoice was approx. $7700.) There is a legal fee of $375. Our lawyer recommended we pay the bill as it stands and have our COD status removed at Stadium. All Board members agreed.
c. Truck purchase – Tim LaTourette informed the board there was no state bid out yet this year and the way things look, there may not be one. The truck committee indicates that the 2010 Chevy at cost of $30-31K which Tim believes is the Gov’t Fleet price is the best buy. On motion by Tim LaTourette seconded by Carl Stuendel, it was moved to purchase the 2010 Chevy from Scoville Meno, Bainbridge.
Vote: All AYEs – Motion Carried
d. On motion by Tim LaTourette seconded by Carl Stuendel, it was moved to put a Notice to Bidders for the sale of the 1984 Chevy in the paper and if the truck is not sold via this action, then to take it to auction in Otego.
Vote: All AYEs – Motion Carried
e. Town Hall Addition – Architect renditions were reviewed. Bill Layton is going to schedule a meeting with Matt Lawrence. He will aim for a 7PM meeting.
f. Kingsbury summons status – Summons was served and he appeared in court. Time deadline is the 22nd (1 month). Joe Reynolds will be looking into what the next step will be.
g. Retirement Program – Standard Work Day & Reporting Resolution – the resolution has been typed and requires the Town Clerk’s signature & seal. This covers all elected officials who want to be on the retirement program. All participants were asked to keep track of the hours they each had worked in January, February & March of 2010. The hours worked can vary between individuals holding the same position. On motion by Carl Stuendel seconded by Tim LaTourette, it was moved to accept this resolution.
Vote: All AYEs – Motion Carried
h. Letter from Guntown Post 1554 was received thanking the Town for their support.
i. Letter from CWC – The grant application for recreation applied for jointly with Deposit was denied.
j. US Dept. of Commerce (Census) sent letter thanking the Town for their support in making the Town Hall available to the Census Bureau staff to conduct testing and training.
k. Trout Creek Post Office – The post office is asking for support to keep the post office open. Asking the board to spread the word.
l. The October 2009 modification to the Town Sub-division laws – letter from DEP, SEQRA Coordinator, Marilyn Shanahan to Supervisor Layton dated January 11, 2010, was submitted to the board for consideration. Carl Stuendel said he would look into the meaning of the comments that she made.
m. Lawn mowing – On motion by Tim LaTourette seconded by Carl Stuendel, it was moved to place a Notice to Bidders on lawn mowing in the paper.
Vote: All AYEs – Motion Carried
n. Shared Service Agreement – Copies of the Shared Service Agreements of Walton, Hancock, Masonville, Deposit and Hamden were reviewed. A committee of Nancy Roberts and Ron VanValkenburg was established to write up a new sharing agreement based on the Hamden’s agreement. On motion by Howard Buttel seconded by Tim LaTourette, it was moved to accept the sharing agreement as written based on the Hamden agreement.
Vote: All AYEs – Motion Carried
o. IDA (Industrial Development Agency) – Adherence to prevailing wage rate as indicated by the IDA Reform would increases costs to the town as well as cripple development and have a negative economic impact on the Town of Tompkins. On motion by Howard Buttel seconded by Peggy Backus, it was moved to accept the Resolution for Opposition for the IDA reform.
Vote: All AYEs – Motion Carried
p. The United Methodist Church (Kingswood Camp) has submitted a gift to the Town of $1100.00.
q. The Padma Sambhava Buddhist Center has submitted a gift to the Town of $750.00
r. New bid notices – A bid notice is required for crushed gravel. On motion by Tim LaTourette seconded by Howard Buttel, it was moved to place a Notice to Bidders in the paper.
s. Bill Layton to set up a meeting with CWC Attorney Tim Cox to discuss New York City’s pending lawsuit against the Town of Tompkins regarding land taxes.
t. Discussion of court clerk’s pay rate. Bill said that when Lynn was hired, he mis-communicated what the jump in pay rate would be after her first month. After an involved discussion, on motion by Carl Stuendel seconded by Howard Buttel, it was moved to adjust her March pay from $350 to $400 and start paying $500/month as of April instead of May 2010 (since she completed her training one month early). Bill will again emphasize to Lynn the Town’s request that she keep track of her hours and that next year the pay rate will be re-established with the budget process.
u. Computer – question whether to move to Hwy Garage or not. Cost for DSL would be outside the existing budget. Decision to hold off on the move and to have it shared with Joe, Brenda and Ron within the Town’s Office Building.

Abstract of Claims:
On motion by Tim LaTourette seconded by Howard Buttel it was moved to approve the Abstract of Claims for April 2010 as follows;
General Fund: $ _7,062.04_________
Highway Fund:$ __42,072.95_______
Vote: All AYEs – Motion carried.

Reading back of the minutes:
On motion by Howard Buttel seconded by Tim LaTourette it was moved to accept the minutes as read back.
Vote: All AYEs – Motion carried.

Adjourn: The meeting was adjourned at 10:45pm.

Respectfully submitted by
Gail Crane
Deputy Town Clerk

Next meeting will be on May 10, 2010; 7:00 PM at the Town Meeting Room, Trout Creek, NY.