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The regular monthly meeting of the Town of Tompkins Town Board was called to order at 7:00 pm in the Town meeting room, Trout Creek, NY.

1. William Layton-Supervisor
2. Carl Stuendel-Councilperson
3. Peggy Backus-Councilperson
4. Howard Buttel-Councilperson
5. Tim LaTourette-Councilperson
1. Ronald VanValkenburg-Hwy Superintendent
2. Nancy Roberts – Bookkeeper to the Supervisor
3. Michelle Phoenix- Town Clerk
4. Rick Roberts – Finger Lake Trail
5. Brian Albanese – Towns Person
6. Daniel Jacquays – WCS student

Pledge to the flag was led by Michelle Phoenix

Minutes Approval: On motion by Stuendel, seconded by Buttel, it was moved to approve the minutes of the Board meeting held on April 11, 2011.
Vote: All AYEs – Motion Carried.

Monthly Financial Reports:
Town Clerks Report:
On motion by Stuendel, seconded by Buttel, it was moved to receive, approve and place on file the Town Clerk’s April’s monthly report.
Vote: All AYEs – Motion carried.

Supervisor’s Report:
The Town’s financial Statements and Monthly Financial Audit were reviewed with the Board by Nancy Roberts, Bookkeeper to the Supervisor.
On motion by LaTourette seconded by Buttel it was moved to receive, approve and place on file the Supervisor’s Financial Report.
Vote: All AYEs – Motion carried.

Guest Speakers:
Rick Roberts – Finger Lakes Trail
Rick was here to provide information on the trail system that the Finger Lake Trail would like to put through areas of the Town of Tompkins. Rick has provided maps of the areas of interest.

Other Reports:
Report – Planning Board
March report from the planning board was read by board members.

Report – Assessor

Report – Highway Superintendent
1. Status on summer help. After much discussion, the County has given the Town permission to hire one and stated that if other Towns do not need the help that Tompkins was first on the list to receive another.
2. Boom Mower – On Motion by LaTourette, seconded by Buttel it was moved to put an order in for a boom mower through River Valley. Vote: All AYES – Motion Carried.
3. 2004 1 Ton is currently at Country Club, found to have an bad #8 injector and has been repaired. There are questions on to warranty coverage and is being looked into.
4. Clean up done from rain and winds last month. Ron has contacted county and if it is declared a disaster the County will inform Ron. Ron also found that FEMA may not cover the creek on Howie’s property due to the fact that it is off the Town’s right of way.
5. Hauled 1/3 of Gravel from Afton, chipping done on Higley Spur, Cold Patching and the D6 has been worked on by Dana Wagner and Tim Oralls.
6. Suit-Kote has been providing estimates of road resurfacing, Ron stated he would have a better figure after their arrival this week and provide all estimates at next month’s meeting. Roads of interest are East View, Gray, Bobs Brook and Higley Spur Road. After Ron’s calculations he states to do one mile of road with a single-shot topping could cost around $16,000.

Report – Dog Control Officer
1. Enumeration has been done on 4/15 on Windfall Run Road, 4/16 on ½ Bullock Hill, Bruce LaTourette Rd, Lewis Rd, Little Dryden and Lower Loomis Rd. 4/23 on Remaining of Bullock Hill Rd, Castleview Rd, Eastview Rd, Abe Boice Rd, and Higley Spur Rd. 4/30 on ½ of 206, Higley Rd, Pine Swamp, Peggy Switch, Herrick Hollow, Bridge ST, Cemetery Rd, Wood Rd, Reynolds Rd and South Worth Rd. Of all the roads that have had enumeration done 163 dogs were counted and of that amount only 50 were licensed.
2. 4/11/2011 – Received call from townsperson on 206 with a complaint of dog wondering on their property, after investigation dog was not seen and no one in area claimed to have dog described.
3. 4/16/2011 – Received a call from resident on Bullock with a complaint of a dog running loose and getting into garbage cans, Dog was found on porch at another residence, upon trying to apprehend dog it ran away and DCO was unable to find dog again, DCO told resident that was complaining if seen dog again to contact DCO again.
4. 4/23/2011 received a call from a resident about their missing dog. Stated if dog was found by DCO he would call resident if dog was found. Called back resident on 4/24/2011 resident stated Walton’s DCO had found the dog.

Report- Supervisor
1. Summer help – Discussed in Superintendents report.
2. Vicky Hornbeck stated she would continue getting paid the way she has been.
3. Robert Beebe – Town Tompkins Lawyer for Lawsuit – We have received a bill in the amount of $3559.96 due to the fact that the CWC funding is no longer available. After much discussion board agreed to have Nancy Roberts write a letter asking him to detail what portion of his bill was exclusively for the Town of Tompkins and what portion was for the generic template and other common watershed issues.
4. County Money received for snow plowing.


Tim stated the Trout Creek Fire Volunteer Fire Company is in the process of getting a radio grant and wanted the Town board to have a heads up that the Company may be asking if they can put a repeater up on the Tower that the Town currently uses.

On motion by Backus, seconded by Stuendel, it was moved to approve the Abstract of Claims for May 9, 2011 as follows: General Fund: $ 11,408.71, Highway Fund: $ 15,532.38
Vote: All AYEs – Motion carried.

Reading back of the minutes:
On motion by Buttel and seconded by Layton, it was moved to accept the minutes as read back
Vote: All AYEs – Motion carried.

On motion by LaTourette, seconded by Buttel, it was moved to adjourn meeting at 8:50 pm.
Vote: All AYEs – Motion carried.

Next meeting will be at 7pm on June 13, 2011 at the Town Meeting Room, Trout Creek, NY.

Michelle Phoenix
Town of Tompkins
Town Clerk

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  1. When will the June 13th minutes be posted?

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