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Planning Board Minutes are submitted for posting only after they’ve been approved at the planning board’s next scheduled meeting. cfs

The April Planning Board meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Paul Bartholomew, member.

Those Present:  Members:  Russell Thurston, Paul Bartholomew, Sebastian D’Agati, Angela Porpora, and Kristin Janke-Schneider for Delaware County.

James Fox was absent.

The following business came before the Board:

  1. Ward Mack, Land Surveyor appeared once again, on behalf of the LoGozzo family, Finch Hollow Road I/S Frank Beers Road.
  • At the last meeting Mr. Mack brought in a sketch plan for our approval.  This month, Mr. Mack has made some changes to the sketch plan.  Mr. Mack also met with the Town of Tompkins Highway Superintendant to discuss access to the property.
  • There have been no soils tests as yet.
  • Mr. Mack has agreed:
    • To let the property owner know a bridge will probably be needed for access to one parcel and that DEP/DEC will need to grant permission for same.
    • To advise the property owner a soils test will be needed ASAP in order to proceed.
    • To give notice of a public hearing to the neighboring property owners.
  • Paul Bartholomew asked Mr. Mack to give us a notarized letter from the property owner (Maria Christina) that Mr. Mack is representing her; as she is the registered owner of the property and not LoGozzo as noted in the letter given the PB last month.
  • Sebastian D’Agati motioned the sketch be accepted as submitted, 2nd by Russell Thurston.  Angela Porpora voted No.  Motion passed 3/1
  1. Kristen handed out copies of Sub-Division Regulations as corrected to date.  She also revisited a previous subject that the Planning Board has been discussing randomly – to amend the Regulations eliminating and changing the simple sub-division to a minor sub-division. She noted the majority of Delaware County Townships have eliminated the “simple”.

It was noted that the e-mail Kristen had sent to the PB was forwarded to Mr. Mack.  The e-mail contained wording that the PB felt should not have been disseminated for public viewing.  It was agreed, that future e-mail forwards must be secure.

The minutes from the March PB meeting were reviewed and an amendment was made.

With no further official business to come before the Planning Board, adjournment of the April 2011 meeting was motioned by Russell Thurston.  The meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Angela Porpora

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