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With no business to pursue at the Public Hearing the Hearing was closed.

The October Planning Board meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by James Fox, Chairman.

Those Present:  Kristin Janke (for the County), James Fox, Chairman and Planning Board members Paul Bartholomew, Sebastian D’Agati, Russell Thurston, Angela Porpora and Nancy LaTourette.

The following came before the Board:

1_Alfred & Gina Varall’s Simple Subdivision located at Finch Hollow and Dryden Roads

  • Sebastian D’Agati motioned that BLA 1 be accepted, 2nd by Russell Thurston
  • Sebastian D’Agati motioned that BLA 2 be accepted, 2nd by Russell Thurston
  • After SEQR was read and completed, Paul Bartholomew motioned SEQR be accepted, 2nd by Sebastian D’Agati
  • Finally, Paul Bartholomew motioned that a Simple Subdivision be approved, 2nd by Sebastian D’Agati
  • Motion for Simple Subdivision unanimously passed.

    2_John & Paula Decker, Unadilla, NY

  • Came before the Planning Board to seek approval to start a sub-division process of the property at the South East corner of County Route 27 and State Route 206 that is currently occupied by a store and red frame house.
  • A discussion took place as to the economic interest of doing this and how it might benefit the town.
  • It was reasoned that there is not enough road frontage nor property to allow a subdivision of the property.  The lot that they are asking to be sub-divided is ¼ acre and much too small.  Regulations call for a 1 acre parcel minimum.
  • It was the opinion of the Planning Board that a subdivision would not be feasible especially in view of the possibility that after purchase, should the current occupancy burn down, the future owner might want to erect a home on the substandard plot of land.
  • It was the further opinion of the Planning Board that permission for a subdivision (in the future) would be withheld.

    3_Michael Spaccaforno, Masonville, NY

  • Is interested in the purchase of approximately 2.95 acres on Higley Spur from the owner Mr. Kessler on behalf of his daughter to erect a modular home.
  • Before Mr. Spaccaforno pursues this matter further he wanted assurance that there would not be a problem with subdivision of the property.
  • A discussion ensued concerning road frontage and other pertinent facts.
  • It was decided that it was OK for Mr. Spaccaforno to begin work for development of this property.
  • With nothing further to come before the Planning Board, adjournment of the October meeting was made by Paul Bartholomew.  The meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Angela Porpora


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