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Call to Order:  The regular monthly meeting of the Town of Tompkins Town Board was called to order at 7:03 pm in the Town meeting room, Trout Creek, NY.


  1. William Layton-Supervisor
  2. Carl Stuendel-Councilperson
  3. Peggy Backus-Councilperson
  4. Howard Buttel-Councilperson
  5. Timothy LaTourette-Councilperson


  1. Ronald VanValkenburg-Hwy Superintendent
  2. Nancy Roberts
  3. Gail Crane, Deputy Town Clerk
  4. Kenny Reynolds, Ben Reynolds Construction
  5. Shane Strong, Cobleskill Stone

Pledge to the flag was led by Peggy Backus.

Minutes Approval: On motion by Tim LaTourette, seconded by Howard Buttel  it was moved to approve the minutes of the February  meeting as each member had received a copy.

Vote: All AYEs – Motion Carried.

Monthly Financial Reports: On motion by Howard Buttel, seconded by Timothy LaTourette,  it was moved to receive, approve and place on file the Supervisor’s and the Town Clerks monthly reports.

Vote: All AYEs – Motion carried.


  1. Bids reviewed for pipe from Jess Howes and Otsego.  On motion by Howard Buttel, seconded by Timothy LaTourette, it was moved to accept both bids on pipe.
  2. Bids received from Ken Reynolds, Carver Sand & Stone, and Shane Strong on stone, stone dust.    After some discussion, it was determined there were errors in the legal notice.  The legal notice needs spelling corrections, and more specific stone requirements spelled out.
    Discussion of type of stone – from Hancock (bluestone) requiring more oil.  Bill Layton will clarify with Wayne Reynolds, Commissioner of Public Works, Delaware County the differences in the stone product.

    On motion by Timothy LaTourette, seconded by Peggy Backus, it was moved to submit a new ad for the paper with criteria clarified and spelling corrected.

    On motion by Carl Stuendel, seconded by Howard Buttel, it was moved to reject the bids submitted by Reynolds, Shane and Carver Stone and resubmit bids after a new ad has been submitted to the paper.

Reports- Highway Superintendent, Ron VanValkenburg

  1. Status of  bids for stone & sluice pipe – see above BIDS
  2. Status of bids crushing gravel – see above BIDS
  3. Sealing Roads – does Town plan on sealing roads same as last year?  How many miles will Town do?   Response:  Right now only as the Chips money is budgeted for.
  4. Chips $129,573
  5. Shared agreement for working with other towns.  Does Tompkins have one?  Howard Buttel thought we had an agreement still in effect.  Bill Layton will review the Resolutions and see if one exists.  If not, he will get one made.
  6. Violence in Workplace training session on March 16, 2010 10:00 AM Town Bldg, North St. Walton.  Recommended audience is Town Clerk, Board Members, Supervisor, Highway Superintendent and crew.  Session is given by the State.  Information available from Walt Geidel, HWY Superintendent, Walton.  Board approved for Ron VanValkenburg and his crew to attend.  All the Board members have conflicts.
  7. Mandatory Hearing tests were held at County offices Friday March 5, 2010.  Town will be receiving an invoice.
  8. Snow Storms February 23rd and 25th, 2010.  Ron may have to do additional paperwork as required by Delaware County Disaster letter if the storms are declared as a disaster.
  9. Trucks – one sent to Stadium and one sent to Milton Cat for repairs.
  10. Grader – Replaced and refaced blade and serviced and repaired brakes.  Town will be getting an invoice from Dana Wagner for the repair.
  11. Regular maintenance was performed on equipment and trucks.  Cut brush, plowed and cindered,  Hauled 10 loads grit and more hauled today.
  12. Dana Wagner has been helping Highway Dept. out with problems.  Welded on grader blade.  He has been an excellent assistant to the Town.
  13. Snowplowing – We have plowed 18 fewer snows for the County and City this year than last year so we can expect less money in from the County and City than we anticipated in the 2010 budget.
  14. Press that went thru the fire is back in working order again.
  15. Boiler – United Plumbing,  who set up the system 5 years ago, sent in a sub-contractor to assist in determining the problem with the boiler.  It was determined the thermostat to run the shutters were working opposite way incorrectly.  United Plumbing changed the thermostat/shutter settings and now we have heat.
  16. John’s truck – changed bearings in drive line.  Had a vibration in transmission or somewhere.  Two more trucks were sent to Binghamton.
    Sam’s truck was sent to Milton Cat – has oil blow-by in breather pipe.  Warranty is the same of all of the trucks.
    Scott’s truck was sent to Stadium.  Called International and had to have check first.  We got the check and purchased the part, installed the replacement part but did not fix the problem.  So we took the new part back off the truck and put it into parts inventory and sent the truck in for repair.
  17. Our lawyer has been in touch with Stadium and had a discussion with Nate and Don.  Frank told Ron they are going to try to get more money from CAT.  Stadium indicated there were “too many idling hours and dirt getting into oil”.  Ron completely disagrees with that statement.   So warranty issue is not resolved and is still under discussion.

Reports- Planning Board, James Fox

The minutes of the Planning Board meeting of January 14, 2010 was read by Gail Crane, Deputy Town Clerk

Reports- Supervisor, Bill Layton

    1. Treatment plant – nothing new since last meeting.   At last Board meeting Bill ran into another lawyer who indicated that it may be a community septic system rather than a sewage treatment plant.
    2. Stadium bill – lawyer status – warranty issue is not resolved and is still under discussion.
    3. Truck purchase – Truck committee reports that Tim has requirements selection lists sample and has 2 weeks to get state bid.  Bill indicated Hancock and Kortright has same problems and they are buying older trucks.  Diesels are a quality concern. Committee will meet and make determination before next meeting.
    4. Follow-up on the Feb. 16, 2010 meeting with property owners in the newly defined floodplain:  Carl reports that he will be meeting with Tom Evans and Henry Lamont to see if affected landowners have any grounds for appeal.  Rick Wote, who has been working on floodplain map issues in neighboring communities, will also be consulted.  In addition to providing personal narratives and photographs, affected property owners can expect to pay approximately $500 to a surveyor for an elevation certificate.  If Board members are asked, they can be telling people to check with their mortgage-holding bank to see if they will be required to purchase flood insurance and to check with their home-insurance company to see what the flood insurance rates will be.  Tim is running out to file a comment and/or appeal.  March 24, 2010 is the deadline.
    5. Letter from DuMond regarding employees using Town vehicles for personal use.  Bill Layton wrote a response and the Board Members approved signed it.
    6. Building Addition – drawings A/B/C reviewed – 40 ft. option would be right over the current septic system.  Bill indicated will have plans changed.  1500 sq ft. does not require an architect stamp any longer per Joe Reynolds.  Will save Town money.
    7. Tony’s Shoe Store – Regarding our program for the Highway Crew to purchase their safety boots at Tony’s Shoe Store in Walton—All members of the highway crew have now obtained their safety boots for 2010.  Frank thanked the Town for our business.
    8. Housing Permit-Delaware Opportunities –Grants to fix up places for elderly or low income families.  Uses bid process.  Question is whether the Town will waive the building permit, approx. $185 for the Housing Grant process.  Usually the permit is obtained by the contractor.  On motion by Bill Layton, seconded by Peggy Backus, it was moved to NOT waive the building permit fee.
    9. Kingsbury –  violation hearing – someone has to serve this legal paper.  Bill will check with the sheriff to see if he can serve the papers.  If not Bill will check with Tom Mills to see what the going rate is to have papers served.  Peggy will also check her contact.  We don’t have much time as the hearing is scheduled for March 18th.
    10. Bill received letter from the Chief of Fire Dept.  They have gotten a grant for a new tank truck.  Town determined it needs to establish a “Grant Committee” to see if we can garner some money for the Town.
    11. Trout Creek Cemetery – Looks like the Town is going to have to take over this maintenance function.
    12. On motion by Carl Stuendel, seconded by Tim LaTourette, it was moved to give an increase of $50 per month to Lynn (Court Clerk) as she has completed the first month of her three month training period with flying colors.  Looks as though less hours of work per month may be required than was originally planned.  We’ll have to continue to monitor the hours.



Other Business:

On motion by Carl Stuendel, seconded by Tim LaTourette, it was moved to purchase 2 new copies of “The Office of the Town Highway Superintendent” available from the Association of Towns at cost of $10.00/each.  The copy the Town currently has is from 1990 and is obsolete.

Abstract of Claims:

On motion by Tim LaTourette seconded by Peggy Backus it was moved to approve the Abstract of Claims for February 2009 as follows;

General Fund: $    5,616.75

Highway Fund:$ 26,208.73

Vote: All AYEs – Motion carried.

Reading back of the minutes:

On motion by Tim LaTourette seconded by Howard Buttel, it was moved to accept the minutes as read back.

Vote: All AYEs – Motion carried.

Adjourn:  The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 pm..

Respectfully submitted by

Gail Crane

Deputy Town Clerk

Next meeting will be on April 12, 2010  7:00 PM at the Town Meeting Room, Trout Creek, NY.

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  1. Who other than the judge has permission to write about court proceedings that should be confidential? As to the March minutes that are bougus.

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