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December 10, 2009 Town of Tompkins Planning Board Meeting

Present for the Board: Russ, Sebastian, James, Tom, Paul, and Nancy


Steve Fairchild, Anthony and Craig Urciuoli, and Sheri Oralls.

Meeting called to order at 7:02 by Paul.

Steve Fairchild brought a survey map for the lot he is buying from Luther Shelton for the purpose of building a storage facility. Tom will contact the state about the driveway accessing 206; they will need to take a look. Mr. Fairchild will contact adjoining property owners concerning his upcoming public hearing and intention to build a storage facility there. A public hearing was scheduled for the January meeting.  The board referred the subdivision for 239 Review.

The brothers Urciuoli submitted paperwork regarding their 3-lot subdivision, the board granted waivers for surveying only the smaller two lots proposed due to a full perimeter survey existing and not locating on their survey map soils testing on the portion of their property which is in a state logging / preservation program and will not be changed by this subdivision, Motion made by Sebastian and seconded by Russ; carried. Paul motioned to classify as a Simple Subdivision, Sebastian seconded, motion passed. A public hearing is scheduled for Jan. meeting.  The board referred the subdivision for 239 Review.

Sheri Oralls on behalf of Philip and Cheryl Sheridan of Sands Creek. Paul motioned to accept waiver to survey the smaller of the two lots proposed and to not locate on the survey map the soils tests done for the larger lot due to other mapping being provided, similar to above proposal. Paul motioned to classify as a Minor Subdivision and Sebastian seconded; carried. Public hearing scheduled for Jan. meeting.  The board referred the subdivision for 239 Review

James distributed a draft Road Protection Law for analysis and discussion in Jan.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm by motion from Nancy, seconded by Sebastian; carried.

November meeting of the Town of Tompkins Planning Board was called to order by James Fox on Thursday, November 12, 2009 at 8:10 pm.

Present:           James Fox, Russ Thurston, Tom Evans, Sebastian D’Agati and

Angela Porpora

Absent:            Nancy LaTourette and Paul Bartholomew


  • James Fox noted two people that were at the October meeting were to be returning in November (Calabrese and Reynolds).  They did not appear.
  • Sheri Lyn Oralls from Klimchok Realty was present and represented Mr. Sheridan from Sands Creek.

Mr. Sheridan has 225.1 acres that he wants to subdivide into 3 parcels.  One of the proposed parcels did not perc (11.37 acres). However, the 8.84 acre and +/- 204 acre parcels did.

  • An option is that Mr. Merch, the adjoining landowner buying the largest lot, can perform a boundary line adjustment.  Or Mr. Merch can purchase as standalone.  Mr. Sheridan is ok in keeping the 11 acre parcel and 8.84 acre parcel together.
  • Tom Evans provided a means for the subdivision to occur by utilizing the boundary line adjustment and he advised the client do so versus subdividing, but both would work.
  • Ms. Oralls will advise her client and he should be prepared to return on December 10th for a public hearing and approval by the Planning Board.

James led a discussion regarding roads that would be traversed and possible damages that would occur if gas drilling were to take place in the Township.  It was the feeling of the board to pursue avenues for further discussion and be one step ahead for recommendations to the Town Board.  Angela will look into the insurance ramifications.

With nothing further to discuss a motion to adjourn was made by James and seconded by Russ.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Angela Porpora

September 10, 2009   Minutes of the Town of Tompkins Planning Board

The Planning Board meeting was called to order by James Fox at 7 pm. James Fox, Paul Bartholomew, Russell Thurston, Nancy Laturrette, Angela Porpora and Tom Evans from Delaware County Planning Department were present for the planning board. Others present were Bruce Neuman, Bobbie Choate, Connie Fairchild, Ward Mack (LS), and John Lilholt (LS).

Public hearing opened at 7:04 pm for Bruce Neuman and Bobbie Choate’s simple subdivision. Final plat approval application and environmental assessment form and sketch plat review were handed in. No public comment. Public Hearing closed at 7:19 pm.

Regular meeting opened. Paul made the motion for a negative declaration for SEQRA for the Neuman and Choate subdivision, which was seconded by James Fox. All in favor. Motion carried. James made the motion to approve the simple subdivision. Paul seconded the motion. All in favor. Motion carried. $45 Fee paid.

John Lilholt representing Theodore Tarson, provided application materials regarding a Finch Hollow Rd. 2-lot subdivision, i.e. representation letter and waiver request letter for surveying only the small lot to be created. James made the motion to classify as a simple subdivision. Paul seconded the motion. All in favor. Motion carried. Angela made a motion to accept the waiver request. Russ seconded the motion.  All in favor. Motion carried. Public hearing scheduled for October 8th.

Connie Fairchild inquired on behalf of Steve Fairchild about subdividing a lot adjacent to Huff’s Tavern on Rt. 206, and was provided the requisite forms.

Angela Porpora is taking the place of Patri Backus on the planning board as Patri is moving to Sidney.

Surveyor Ward Mack presented materials on behalf of Lars Cedarholm concerning a boundary line adjustment on Buddha Highway (off Bullock Hill Rd.) Cedarholm is granting 15.06 acres of his land to Padmasambhava Buddhist Center, which owns the surrounding land. Angela motioned to classify this matter as a boundary line adjustment. Russ seconded the motion. All in favor. Motion carried. Ward was given requisite forms, and a public hearing is scheduled for October 8th. The Board asked that Ward locate all the structures on Cedarholm’s property on the final survey map.

The Board reviewed the final language updating the Town’s Subdivision Regulations for new roads and was ok with it.  It will be forwarded onto the Town Board for review.

James read the minutes to the August meeting. Angela motioned to accept the minutes and Russ seconded. All in favor. Motion carried.

9:10 pm the meeting adjourned upon completion of the agenda.

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